Lauren Spark - Seductive & Sensual Brunette - 0468 818 145

Hello there,

I am sensual and feminine. I'm a statuesque 5"7 with amazing D-cup breasts and seductively pouty lips. My large green eyes are my most noticeable feature.

I am willing and understanding to meet the demands of every male. From gentlemen desiring a lady touch to the wild, wicked, and downright dirty fantasies of some, I satisfy my need for inner sexual happiness, ensuring gratification for both parties.

I believe myself to be a down-to-earth person with a quirky sense of humor; a bawdy joke or three as an icebreaker and you'll feel as if you've known me forever.

Life's stresses will be left at the door with me, and you will know that you are the target of my attention and care once you are in my presence.

We appreciate you taking the time to look over this profile. You can find yourself craving your new habit all the time!