Welcome to sex kingdom and heaven

My heart is full of laughter and whimsy, 

 my smile big and unabashed,


 in its ability to light up a room

 and remind you

 to not take this all so seriously.


 I’m all about vibes. I can usually tell within the first two text messages whether or not we’ll get along— and I’ll tell you if I don’t think it’s a good fit. I often give off geeky/nerdy vibes, somewhat philosophical, definitely an artsy type but not taking myself too seriously.


 I'd love to help each other unwind after a long day, month, year, to take our minds off of the mundane and the tedious, to put you at ease and connect with you.


 Recently, I've been into psychedelia and would love to share my experiences with you. Wanna take a trip? ;)


 For the pleasure-seeker, I offer hourly and extended rates. Rates are for time only— not in exchange for services— meaning our time is all inclusive.


 For those seeking a deeper connection and melding of hearts, I offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly virtual Girlfriend Experience (GFE) packages, hourly social dates, and much more. 


 I'm super chill but will work hard to make sure our dates are everything you want them to be. I want to see you with a smile as big as my own.